HIV Aids And Its Effect On Human Life

HIV is one of the dangerous diseases which are not yet conquered by the humans. It is destroying many people’s lives throughout the world. It destroys the human life physically and emotionally once it enters into the body. The world health organization has estimated that millions of people are affected by the disease and is taking many actions to bring the awareness about the disease among people. As of now the disease is incurable and only awareness can help in reducing the number of people affected by this disease throughout the world. December 1st is considered as AIDS Day. 

The main reason for HIV is the virus that is spread through sexual intercourse and fluid exchange. It can be transmitted through blood exchange. Most of the people are affected by HIV due to the sexual encounters throughout the world. The virus affects the immune system in the body and makes the human vulnerable to all kinds of viruses. In previous days, People who are affected by HIV have no other option than facing death. But due to advanced medicine and researches people are able to survive for a longer time by using medicines and taking care of their lifestyle. Awareness programs are conducted in areas like mainly escort agencies where eroticism services are provided and other brother areas where the disease can easily spread.

Even today speaking about HIV and interacting with HIV patients are considered as a taboo in the society. The people who are affected by the disease are not treated respectfully by the surrounding people and in fact people treat them like untouchables. In spite of awareness programs and education people still consider it as a heinous thing. They do not understand that the disease can be spread by various ways and not only through sexual encounters. The discrimination of people affected by the disease has been reduced in the recent years, but still many women are facing it even today. International guidelines for human rights are also not enough for the problems faced the by affected patients.

Many countries have banned sexual trading and brothels, but still there are some countries which have not banned the prostitution .Extra marital affairs and prostitution are the main causes for spreading of the diseases. People easily get attracted to the erotic services provided by the brothel companies and forget their safety thereby suffering later. Many women who are working as prostitutes are suffering by the infection. Even though government is trying various ways to reduce the prostitution centers and provide alternate employment for the people who are suffering in such centers, people are habituated to the easy money that can be earned through such ways rather than hard work. Usage of condoms and other precautions can reduce the risk up to a certain extent but maintaining good relation with human values can bring happiness in anyone’s life.